In HP-synchronizer, what is the best way to COPY a link?
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We have a series of projects in QC (Endpoint 1, EP1) with the SAME schema (same fields, lists, etc) and want to sync them with projects in our other tool (Endpoint 2, EP2) also having the SAME schemas, with a link for each unique EP1/EP2 pair.
We already have one link working and want to somehow "copy" the link. We tried exporting the link to XML and reading it back in, but since it has the project names, it is not unique and does not work. Is there an easier way than having to carefully edit the XML file to have unique project names?

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Asked on October 7, 2015 3:18 pm
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As you saw, re-using an existing XML could lead to conflicts if everything is not renamed uniquely.

Best practice is to EXPORT the Field Mappings from the original/working link, then create a NEW link interactively and point to projects in Endpoint 1 and 2.
You can interactively set the EP1 and/or EP2 filters on the new link.
Assuming that the field structure is IDENTICAL with the EP1 dn EP2 projcts as in the original ones, you can then IMPORT the field mappings from the original link.

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Answered on October 7, 2015 3:19 pm

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