in loadRunner, Controller How to assign different data set for each Vuser
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what settings should I use, if i want the each Vuser to use different data set when running the scenario in Controller for Load test.

I am using LoadRunner 12.5 .

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Asked on September 23, 2016 8:09 pm
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Open each script, in VuGen, and then in the Parameters list use the ''Unique Method''

- If you specify update on ''Each iteration'', for a test run of 3 iterations, the first Vuser takes Kim in the first iteration, David in the second, and Michael in the third. The second Vuser takes Jane, Ron, and Alice. The third Vuser, Ken, Julie, and Fred.
- If you specify update on ''Each occurrence'', then the Vuser uses a unique value from the list for each occurrence of the parameter.
- If you specify update ''Once'', the first Vuser takes Kim for all iterations, the second Vuser takes David for all iterations, and so on.

For detailsfor the Parameters optionsvisit.
''Data Assignment and Update Methods for File/Table/ XML Parameters'' at

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Answered on September 23, 2016 8:16 pm

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