In Vugen 11.5 cannot get the ”Insert Sync On Bitmap” feature to work in a Citrix and Web (HTTP/HTML) Protocol Script
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When attempting to use the "Insert Sync On Bitmap" feature in tree mode while modifying a Citrix and Web (HTTP/HTML) multi protocol script (right-click on an image and select "Insert Sync On Bitmap"), having selected an area to synchronize on, a popup is displayed with the following error:
The coordinates you chose are illegal.

Why is this error displayed when using this feature?

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Asked on February 28, 2013 9:32 pm
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Most likely your monitor screen resolutions is not set to a supported level
Currently The ''Insert Sync On Bitmap'' feature is currently limited to the following screen resolutions:

- ''640 x 480''
- ''800 x 600''
- ''1024 x 768''
- ''1024 x 744''
- ''1280 x 1024''
- ''1600 x 1200''

To Correct the problem do the one following:

- Use one of the above screen resolutions when recording scripts,

- Modify previously recorded scripts by editing the ''default.cfg '' script configuration file located in the script
folder and changing the value of:

Window= x

Window=1280 x 768


Window=1280 x 1024 Or any of the supported screen resolutions list above.

Then try to adding your Sync

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Answered on February 28, 2013 9:52 pm

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