Intellisense is not working in UFT 12 ‘With’ block
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Intellisense is not popping up in my script when I call a function that is within a ‘With’ block. For example:

CheckLink Browser("Google").Page("Automation Testing Software").Link("Get Started Now") ‘This works fine!

With Browser("Google")
.Page("Google").WebEdit("q").Set "HP UFT"
With .Page("HP UFT – Google Search")
.Link("Unified Functional Testing").Click
End With
.Page("Automation Testing Software").Link("Get Started Now").Click
CheckLink . ‘This does not work!
End With

Function CheckLink (objLink)
If objLink.Exist Then
’ Got it
CheckLink = True
’ Nope
CheckLink = False
End If
End Function

When the . is typed, intellisense should open allowing you to select methods and child objects. It doesn’t work. The only thing displaying is the function tooltip. However, if the code looks like:

CheckLink Browser(


With Browser("Google")
End With

then intellisense works as expected. The problem only is when the function call is within a ‘With’ block.

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Asked on November 24, 2014 2:40 pm
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There is a known issue with this. HP has stated in QCCR1J64543 that this will be fixed in UFT 12.02. Unfortunately, HP doesn't divulge when new releases will be available. Hopefully soon.

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Answered on November 24, 2014 2:41 pm
Thanks for the info. It's good to know they are working on it!
( at November 24, 2014 2:42 pm)

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