Is the a way to modify the Default HTML report in ALM-PC?
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The default HTML Report does not contain the graphs. We have graphs Like Windows resources for the AUT machines, SLQ database, that we must include in every test run so would like add them to the Default html report

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Asked on October 4, 2013 8:38 pm
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Yes, it can be modify and should be done by your ALM-PC administrator.
* It is basically the same way as done in Analysis SA version. By creating a new template and renaming it to a default template.
The only limitation is that the change is not generic and should be applied manually to each DP or Full Host machine.
Do the following:

1. Open analysis (on any machine)
2. Open any RawResults
3. Add all additional graphs and remove redundant ones
4. Go to tools -> Templates and create a new template (save it to a known location i.e. you desktop)
5. Click 'Apply to session' and close 'Templates'
6. Go to Reports->HTML Report.. and generate a report
7. Open that report and verify it looks as you wanted
8. On every Host and DP machine, copy the new template (created in step 4) to ...''install folder''AnalysisTemplates
9. Find and make backup of the PCDefaultTemplate files
10. Delete or rename the existing 'PCDefaultTemplate'
11. Rename the new template f(rom step 4) to 'PCDefaultTemplate' (you should rename the folder as well as the .asc and .tem files inside that folder)

After doing that any time you will analyze using that machine you will get the new template in HTML report.

Best to make sure ALL HOST machine are wit hthe Same template updated, and every time you add a host you will need to make the same medications to it.

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Answered on October 7, 2013 2:13 pm

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