Is there a MQ plugin that could be leveraged in PC for Load Testing?

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  • Is there a MQ plugin that could be leveraged in PC for Load Testing?
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We’ve been approached to perform Message Broker load testing and wanted to see if there was a plugin that could be leveraged in PC 11.50. The goal would be to inject the load from the FTE perspective.

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Asked on October 24, 2014 3:42 pm
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The MQ client needs to be installed on the VuGen machine. There is no way to send MQ calls to the server directly. Once the client is installed, Vugen can record MQ calls against that client. However, this recording solution

requires an add-in called MQ tester on the Vugen machine which will provide a new Vuser type called MQ Vuser. This MQ Tester solution supports on IBM MQ and no other MQ protocols are supported.

After the script is created,is a special license to run multi-Vusers in the Controller?
Yes, you will need to buy a license for MQ Tester Vuser type as per Installation Guide --

HP has provided the following information.

How to work with MQ Series protocol in Vugen / LoadRunner 11.5x and what are the various components and pre-requisite software's to work with this protocol?

Please follow the below steps:

1. Install WebSphere MQ version 5.3 or higher (this can be downloaded from internet)

2. Install ''MQ Tester'' package from LR Main DVD or the installation folder Additional ComponentsMQTester folder. When running this MQ Tester installer, you will have the option to choose VuGen based component (for

scripting), load generator based component (just for the sake of running MQ Tests on a standalone LG) or a full install (which includes both VuGen and LG components. Example: like on a full LoadRunner setup). To

choose the VuGen-only option, choose custom type

3. After MQ Tester installation in VuGen or Full install mode, 2 new protocols will appear in VuGen's protocol list: MQ Series Client and MQ Series Server

4. Now you can start recording scripts or make enhancements to the scripts in the regular LoadRunner way using one of these 2 MQ protocol types

Also attached to this case is the MQ Tester document that explains the various pre-requisites for installation modes and the LRMQ API involved with these 2 protocol. This comes handy when working with these protocols and

developing MQ Series scripts.

PS: Also note that MQ Tester is supported only on Windows for LoadRunner. MQ Tester Unix setup instructions mentioned in the attached documentare obsolete and that section is not relevant for LR 11.5x.

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Answered on October 24, 2014 3:44 pm