Is there a way to bulk-change Tests in Test Plan that live in specific parent-child folders?
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We would like to be able to bulk-change field values (custom field on test) for tests in the Test Plan that are contained in one folder and it’s child folders. We also want to do this only for tests that have a specific value in one of the fields.

How can this be done?
We really don’t want to use any code if we don’t have to.

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Asked on March 2, 2017 4:53 pm
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Have you tried using the ''Subject'' column (''folder'' name in the tree) in the TEST Plan when displayed as a GRID?

You could sort by subject (folder), then do a bulk highlight (click, shift-click) and bulk change on the selection by changing the value in the header line.

You could also set a Filter to filter on specific ''subject'' (presents a folder-tree to chose from).
And you could add a clause in your filter to only show tests with various fields having certain values.

BTW, the code to do this sort of thing would be very complex and would probably take you longer to create and test than just doing it interactively and with some clever filters.

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Answered on March 2, 2017 4:59 pm

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