Just applied ALM Patch 9 (previous patch 6) and we get ”initialization has failed…” error on ALM startup screen.

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  • Just applied ALM Patch 9 (previous patch 6) and we get ''initialization has failed...'' error on ALM startup screen.
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We just applied ALM patch 9 on top of ALM with previous patch 6 on it.
Everything patched fine as far as I can tell, but when trying to go to Site Admin or "regular" quality center (http://server/qcbiin/start_a.jsp), we get the ALM blue and grey graphics across the top of the IE page like normal, but the lower part that usually shows names of various files it is loading on startup – it just displays this text:

Initialization has failed. Contact your system administrator. For details see Loader log file.

I can’t find that file, what do we do?

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Asked on July 31, 2012 10:17 am
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Starting with Patch 7, HP used a new digital signature that needs to be updated on the Server (manually).
There are directions and links in hte Patch readme on how to do it and where to get the new ''certification'' file.

Verisign was recently acquired by Symantec and the links in the patch notes still work, but they take you to Symantec KB articles.

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Answered on July 31, 2012 10:20 am
Thanks, we went to the Symantec site and cannot gind where to get the right files needed for the cert.
( at July 31, 2012 10:49 am)
Refer to the Verisign/Symantec KB article on how-to from the Patch readme: How to install the 2048-bit Code Signing root and intermediate CA certificates? https://knowledge.verisign.com/support/ssl-certificates-support/index?page=content&actp=CROSSLINK&id=SO19140 good Luck!
( at July 31, 2012 10:56 am)
Oh yeah, the link in the Patch readme does not really help. Go here: http://www.verisign.com/support/roots.html And make sure to download the ''roots package''. It is a ZIP containing many certifications. Open it and get the ''cer'' file for ''Verisign Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority - G5'' (a 5th generation Class 3 cert). You may need to poke around a bit in the ''mmc'' (Microsoft management console) to figure out where to load/Add the CER file.
( at July 31, 2012 10:56 am)
Thanks for the tip about where to go and downloading the ''root package'' - that did the trick! What a pain to dig around in mmc and finally find the place to import the ''cer'' file. Now that cert should work.. until 2038!
( at July 31, 2012 11:05 am)