LG host state stuck in Initializing State
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We are currently using Performance Center 12.01 using Oracle. Our OS is Windows 2012 Server R2. We have an LG in Lab Management that shows the host state as Initializing when they are not being used. I have tried rebooting them and they still show this way. Any thoughts or recommendations on how to fix this issue.

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Asked on January 24, 2019 2:30 pm
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Micro Focus has noted that this issue occurs only in ALM-PC 12.01 that uses an Oracle Database.

Micro Focus states the following:

''Data in the''LAB_HOST_CHECK_RESULTS'' table (inthe Lab Management schema) is not deleted. Thismaycause the table size to be increased considerably (can reach up to several hundreds of MB).

Problem may persist even after the table content is cleared. This is due to the fact that even afterdeleting records from a table, unallocated space is not automaticallyreleased and the table's size continue to increase with time.

As a result, in an environment integrating with Oracle database, queriesinvolving this table may take long time.This generallyhappensbecause Oracleperforms a full scan on the table for its execution plans.''

In order to resolve this issue, Micro Focus recommends to do the following:

A. Stop All Testing

B. Clear the data in the table and release the unallocated space in the tableto reduce itssize by performing the following actions:

1. Delete all content of tableLAB_HOST_CHECK_RESULTS
2. Truncate table LAB_HOST_CHECK_RESULTS (by performing thecommand: TRUNCATE TABLE LAB_HOST_CHECK_RESULTS)

Note: It is recommended to get the help of your DBA as the 'truncate' command may require high level of privileges on the database.

C. Reset the ''Host State'':

1. Log Into Performance Center Site Admin
2. Select the ''Lab Management'' Tab
3. Select the ''+'' to expand the Lab Project tables
4. Select the table ''Lab_Hosts''
5. Replace the ''SELECT * FROM LAB_HOSTS'' with the following:


update LAB_HOSTS
set host_runtime_state = 'Idle' where host_id = 1006

6. Insure ''host_id'' = the number of the problem host
7. Press the ''EXECUTE'' button
8. Confirm Host State is back to ''idle'', replace the update LAB_HOSTS... with SELECT *
9. Press the '' EXECUTE'' button

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Answered on January 24, 2019 2:32 pm

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