Licence Usage Chart + ALM 12.60 Documentation
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1. We are aware that we can obtain license usage graphics in the Site Analysis admin tab of ALM 12.55 (see attachment), but we would like to know stratified usage (e.g., a stacked bar graph or XLS file) by projects (y-axis) vs. time (x-axis). How can this easily be done?

2. Also, please provide a source location or actual attachments for ALM 12.60 admin guide and user guide PDF files.

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Asked on November 1, 2018 12:39 am
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There does not seem to be a User and Admin PDF for ALM 12.60. There is a HTML version located on the ALM Help Center.

ALM Help Center ->

user guide ->

admin guide ->

As for the stratified license usage there is no eazy way to create a report for this. The information is stored in the Site Admin database and none of the reporting tools for can access the Site Admin database other than what is available in the Site Analysis tab. The information that you are looking for is stored in the SESSIONS_HISTORY table which has columns for...

Start Time

End Time

Domain Name

Project Name

User Name

Client Type

The information or raw data would have to be pulled from the Site Admin database then you could create a report/graph on the data.

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Answered on November 1, 2018 12:41 am

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