Management wants users to input how much time they spent on each test instance
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We want to be able to track our users time that they spend on a test instance including prep time before they run the test. So what we would like to happen is when we they run a manual test we would like for them to fill in a field once they complete the run with an actual value of how much time that they spent on the test. How can we trigger something like this?

1) The user clicks the Run to execute the Test case in the execution grid.

2) Once done executing the test steps and clicks End Run. The Field "ATC" should be a mandatory field and asks for the user to enter the amount of time they spent on execution of that particular test case.

3) The Field "Actual Time" will be lookup list with set no of time intervals for the users to enter from.

4) The Field "Actual Time" should become a mandatory field once the user clicks the ends run.

5) By doing so we wanted to capture the amount of data for each run whether it is Passed/Failed or not completed.

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Asked on July 26, 2018 3:24 pm
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Try this in a test project:

Add this code to workflow, put it in the ActionCanExecute sub under common script:

If ActionName = ''act_end_run'' and ActiveModule = ''ManualRun'' then
End If

NOTE: Make sure and change the ''RN_USER_01'' with the name of the field that you have setup for YOUR Actual Time field.

this code should make the field required when they click end run then prompt them to fill out the field

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Answered on July 26, 2018 3:26 pm

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