Mobile Center – Not able to access devices with iOS 11.2.6 version.
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We upgraded some of our iOS devices to 11.2.6 and now they won’t connect to Mobile Center. Here is some additional information:
I tried with one of the iOS devices which is failing to connect.

This device loads the agents successfully. But, after loading, does not come online. I do not consider it is cable issue because using the same cable, agents are loaded on the device. And again, the behavior is, agent launcher opens and closes immediately. None of the 11.x version devices work.

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Asked on October 24, 2018 9:59 pm
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Please make sure you are using the proper version of the MC Enabler when you resign your agent files as each version of Mobile Center has its own version of the MC Enabler.

Also, here is some clarification about out support of the Agent and AgentLauncher dependent upon the version of iOS:

1. iOS < 9.3 need to re-sign Agent and AgentLauncher 2. 9.3<=iOS<=11.0x need to re-sign Agent, AgentLauncher and WebDriveAgentRunner-Runner 3. iOS11.x and above need to re-sign Agent, AgentLauncher and WebDriveAgentRunner-Runner_xcode9 So, bottom-line: in order to work with all kind of iOS, need to re-sign 4 applications. The system will automatically select needed, according to the device iOS. Once all this is done, your iOS 11.2.6 should connect to Mobile Center 2.60.

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Answered on October 24, 2018 10:06 pm

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