Non-ldap username to LDAP username
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Hi Team,
Here is my scenario: I am currently in ALM 11 with QC authentication. I have about 15k users whose username are Not from LDAP. Their username is like 123456789. Now, I am planning to migrate about 1200 projects out of ALM 11 to 12.21 then to ALM 12.55 ( I guess I cannot migrate directly from ALM 11 to ALM12.55, or CAN I?) . After I migrate from ALM 11 to ALM 12.21 / 12.55, I need to integrate ALM with LDAP. I know these version of ALM accepts multi LDAP setting which I can do.

But, my real challenging problem is that after i enable LDAP in ALM 12.21 / ALM 1255, (1) how do I import my all 15k users? (2) How do i grant the same permission to that user whose username was Non-LDAP now start to use LDAP username? (3) After I enable and import 15k users, I will have duplicate of user (meaning same user will have his non-LDAP and LDAP username) in ALM; how do I get rid of 15k Non-LDAP username?

Please advise. Hope someone might have already gone through this phase.

Thank you in advance!

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Asked on May 22, 2018 8:39 pm

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