SmartGWT add-in issues with Firefox Browser, Extension need to be disable and enable each time you open a Browser.
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When I choose SmartGWT add in UFT 14.03, Its not able to identify the objects. Every time browser restarted UFT loosing control over it. I have SmartGWT add-in built with extensibility add-in that comes with UFT to support smart gwt objects. Our scripts are already using SmartGWT and it worked fine in all UFT versions so far.

UFT Object Spy identifying the objects after disable and enable the Functional Testing Agent for Mozilla Firefox in other tab (Add on manager) as a work around. If we restart the Firefox browser, UFT cannot do the spy. We have to disable and enable in add on manager in order to spy the objects each time you open the browser. Same is working in IE and chrome browsers. I would like to run scripts in all supported browsers including Firefox.

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Asked on July 17, 2018 9:54 am
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There is known issue with Support for smartGWT for Firefox. Micro Focus has enhancement request to Support for smartGWT for Firefox. It's in Deferred state. The CR has been reviewed and it has been determined that it is a valid request, however we are unable to address this issue at this time. The CR may be reviewed in the future (It's not addressed so far) as we evaluate this request against other business needs.

Please refer below KB article about Support for smartGWT for Firefox.

You may be correct it worked earlier versions and not working with current version of UFT. Your facing object identification discrepancies due to custom add in (SmartGWT). It may identify objects for some of the UFT versions OR may not be for some of other UFT versions. Basically there will be inconsistence due to custom add in SmartGWT. I don't think you can resolve the issue at this point of time. If you still want to use the same add in, You would use the older version of UFT for time being.

Please note, Custom 3rd party add-in is not supported by Micro Focus. you can only raise enhancement request if you want and that will be fixed in future releases depending on business needs by Micro Focus.

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Answered on July 17, 2018 10:34 am

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