Object Spy not identifying the objects in Chrome. Its identifying any object as ”Object: Legacy window”
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Having a problem with UFT recognizing objects in Chrome browser. Object spy not able to identify the objects in chrome browser. Same is working in IE. When we do record and run option in UFT, UFT able to identify the objects for the chrome browser. when we did Object Spy, Its not identifying. its identifying any object as "Object: Legacy window".. Please help me our on this. Thank you..

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Asked on June 28, 2018 8:29 am
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I would request you to disable and enable the agent, restart the browser and try again. It might help.

If not, Please check the below options to resolve the chrome issue.

Please check the UFT extension in Chrome and it must be enabled. Please refer below link for more details.

Please note, If you have a version of the Functional Testing Agent for Google Chrome from UFT version 12.00 or earlier installed, you must manually remove this extension before enabling the new version.

- Make sure that the browser must be opened only after UFT is opened.
- You have to cross check the UFT compatability with Chrome browser.
- Clear the cache in Chrome browser.
- Make sure UFT extension in Chrome is enabled.
- Check google chrome updates enabled or not in task manager. If not, Make it enable.

Please note, Compare the security levels of UFT and Chrome while running. This can be done by starting both UFT and Chrome and comparing the processes with task manager (details tab). Columns(fields) will have to be added for Elevated, UAC virtualization, and Data Execution Prevention DEP.

If above solution does not work,

- Uninstall the google chrome, Restart and do the fresh installation.
- Repair the UFT and see if this solves the issue. If not, request you to clean up the UFT and then do the fresh installation.

With this note, I have provided you all possible solutions which will help you to resolve the issue. Let me know How it goes?

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Answered on July 17, 2018 9:36 am
I am also facing the same issue using UFT 14.53. Patch5 is also get installed . also tried all of the solutions provided by you. But still Issue exists for me.
( at August 18, 2023 8:25 am)

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