Octane DB schema and table space
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Hello All,

I am trying to install Fresh ALM Trail instance and i need to connect oracle Db to this app server. Schema creation was automatically done during the installation phase in ALM. How can we handle this in Octane since there is no schema options while installing but just configure the details in setup files.
Please help me how to create schema and table space details for octane along with the permissions, Please share the docs is any
Thanks in advance

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Asked on July 6, 2018 10:56 am
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I would suggest taking a look at the octane installation manual and system requirements. I would suggest using a separate Oracle instance for Octane, the reason I say that it should be separate is because Octane requires a different character set than ALM.net (regular ALM). Oracle needs to be 12C Standard or Enterprise edition, with character set AL32UTF8 for Octane



Page 17 of the install guide outlines what you need to have an Oracle instance ready for Octane. You will want to setup a ''power user'' for oracle using the instructions on page 17 by setting up this power user Octane can create the schema name and password that you specify for Oracle. Once you have that power user setup when you fill in the parameters for the setup.xml file you would fill out the following:

**SchemaName** for this param you would put what you want the name of the site schema to be as long as you created a power user this will be created for you by the installer

**SchemaPassword** for this param you put what you want the password to be for the site schema above

**DBAdminUser** this is the ''poweruser'' that you created for installation

**DBAdminPassword** this is the password for the ''poweruser'' that you created for installation

The other settings are pretty straightforward, have your DBA setup a table space for octane, once you have the setup.xml file filled out you can try and initialize octane, sometimes it will take some trial and error and you can look at the errors in the wrapper log to figure out what it does not like in the xml/yml files. ALWAYS backup a copy of your xml and yml files before initializing Octane so that you have a non encrypted version of your passwords that you can go back and look at if you run into issues.

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Answered on July 26, 2018 2:21 pm
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Thanks @Josh_Yates this was helpfull

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Answered on October 12, 2018 1:13 pm

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