Parameters not showing up when using sprinter 14.01 with a UFT license.
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When using Sprinter 14.01 with a UFT license and a .spt file Sprinter is not passing parameter values when the run is started. For example if there is a parameter called "URL" in the "Parameters" section under "Definitions" there is an actual value specified for the URL parameter, but when we run the test in sprinter the actual value is not presented, instead we just get the parameter name of "URL." If you do the same thing running a test from ALM it works as expected but when using a UFT license and a .spt file the parameters are not getting set in the UI.

Run does not give actual value:

Steps to reproduce:

1. Open HPE Sprinter 14.01 using a UFT license (You must use a UFT license, also it must be a concurrent license to work with Sprinter, the issue is only reproducible using UFT license)
2. List item
3. In Sprinter click the run tab at the top
4. Click "Open" then point to the "New Test1.spt" that I have uploaded to the case
5. Click "Parameters" under "Definitions" (Notice that there is an actual value for the parameter)
6. Click the Run button under "Run Setup" to start the run (Notice that instead of getting the actual value for the parameter instead only the parameter name is displayed "<< Any idea why this is happening?

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Asked on October 27, 2017 1:31 pm
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HPE/MicroFocus are aware of this issue and it is to be fixed in Sprinter 14.02 in the meantime there is a hotfix available for Sprinter 14.01 ask your support engineer about QCCR1J95035

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Answered on October 27, 2017 1:33 pm

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