Problem installing UFT 12.0 – ”Source file not found”
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I just got a new desktop (a Lenovo 64-bit machine – with no dvd drive). I downloaded UFT 12.0 and am installing it. Along the way, I got the error message below – apparently, i can’t complete the install without it.


HP Unified Functional Testing Setup

Source file not found:
C:\\Users\\uftuserguy\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\\\Unified Functional Testing\\MSI\\HP\\Unified Functional Testing\\bin\\FREngine\\dbase\\PJCRCOMM\\WORD_JIS.DBS. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it.

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Asked on July 10, 2014 7:52 pm
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It looks like you're trying to run the installation without first fully extracting the installation files from the .zip file. As such, it's putting the installation files in your user profile's temp directory and therefore creating file paths that are too long for Windows to handle.

Try this:

1. First, cancel out of your existing
2. Second, fully extract the
installation files from the
file. You should now have a
directory called
that includes the installation
3. Rename this directory to something
shorter, like UFT12. Now, you
should have a directory called
UFT12 that contains all of the
installation/setup files within.
4. If this directory is on your Desktop
or a network location, move it
instead to the root of your local
C: drive. You should now have the
following directory with the
installation files on your machine:
5. Run setup.exe from your newly
extracted and located UFT12
installation directory.

Might be overkill, but this will ensure the location paths won't be too long.

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Answered on July 10, 2014 7:53 pm
D'oh! I was totally trying to install without extracting the archive. That was it, thanks!
( at July 10, 2014 7:54 pm)

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