QC Client displaying with clipped text (appearing in strange window with scroll bars)
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We just upgraded to QC 12.53 Patch 2.
everything was working fine until this morning.

This morning, we just added a network "alias" for our QC server to simplify the URL for end users.
So, I can get to the SAME QC-Server by 2 URLS: 1) full network URL (absolute), 2) using alias (redirected)

On my Win7 PC with IE11-32-bit and launching with "run as administrator" (as directed for first time load), my client loaded fine for the FULL QC Server URL, but when going to the "alias", I get a strange sub-window in IE showing the client Login page – I does have scroll bars so I can pan around to see what I need to see, but it is hard to use.

What is going on?

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Asked on May 19, 2017 5:49 pm
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This could be two different issues.

1) scaling and clipping often are related to your ''DPI'' setting in Windows Display Options. This is sometimes exposed with a link to change the text and graphics size from your Windows Display Settings or Resolution page.

Way back to QC11, the *supported* DPI (zoom) is 100%. If you set to 125 or 150, it is not *supposed* to work with the QC/IE client, but on some PC's will (Win7 or 8), but NOT on Win10 (on Win10, you need to use ALM Explorer client instead of IE client to get DPI greater than 100 to work for you).

2) When you address the SAME QC Server (or same version/patch) with 2 different URLs, there could be some overlap/conflicts with the files downloaded to IE as art of the client ''install''.

It is best practice to Clear your IE cache prior to visiting the QC/ALM Client download link and installing the client. Aldo, don't forget to launch IE with ''run as administrator'' the first time you load the client.

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Answered on May 19, 2017 5:59 pm
It was the clearing of the Cache that resolved it for us, thanks
( at May 19, 2017 5:59 pm)

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