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I am New to Licensing Area .I have a basic questions like

1.) If i have 1 Full License- How many users can use it at a time ?

2.) if i created 3 user groups "Devlopers" , "Tester" , "Project Manager" and restricted

Developer group to – Defects Module
Tester group to – Business Components module , test plan , test lab module.
Project Manager to – Dashboard module.

and attached 5 users to developer group , 3 user to tester group , 1 user to project mgr.

for the above case how many licenses do we need ?

Thanks in advance,

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Asked on March 30, 2011 5:35 am
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HP Quality Center uses a concurrent licensing model, with options to purchase based on modules needed for access (e.g, Full License, Additional Defects License, Additional Requirements License, BPT License). BPT (Business Components) is not included in a Full License.

1) If you purchased 1 Full License, then only one user can use Quality Center at a time, regardless of the module(s) used.

2) In your example, you would need 5 Additional Defect Licenses (Developer Group) + 4 Full Licenses (Tester and Project Manager Groups) + 3 BPT Licenses (Tester Group).

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Answered on August 22, 2012 10:45 am