QC/ALM – How do ”Additional” Licenses work (Requirements, Defects, etc.)?
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Our company just bought some "Additional Requirements" licenses. How does Quality Center recognize the logged-on user is a "Requirements Only" user versus a "Full" QC user?
How can we make sure the "Requirements Only" user only consumes a Requirements license?

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Asked on January 7, 2013 4:08 pm
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You can create ''Requirements Only'' users with the following process:

1) Log into your project in Quality Center and go to Project Customization (Tools -> Customize).

2) In Project Customization, go to 'Groups and Permissions' and specify a User Group that you will use for Requirements Only users. Make sure the desired users are ONLY a member of that User Group.

3) In Project Customization, go to 'Module Access' and select only the Requirements Module for your User Group from Step 2 (make sure the other modules are de-selected).

4) Now, when a user who is a member of that User Group logs into the project, only a Requirements license will be used.

You can use the same process for ''Defects Only'' users by selecting the Defects Module in Step 3.

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Answered on January 7, 2013 4:09 pm
Thanks! I've successfully created my ''Requirements Only'' user group, and now when an included user logs into QC, my Licenses tab in Site Admin only shows a Requirements license as being used.
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