RBT Impact field in Test Lab
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We have a user field, RQ\\_USER\\_06 created in the QC requirements module that has a label RBT Impact and a list that scores it 1-5. What I want to do is display this field as one of the columns in the Execution Grid Tab in the Test Lab module. I’ve also created a new field CY\\_USER\\_02 under Test Set in Project Entities to copy these RBT Impact scores to.

I’ve written (newbie coder) the following code but can’t for the life of me get this to work. Any help appreciated.

*In common script:*
Sub CopyRBTImpactScores
On Error Resume Next
Dim TestSetFact
Dim TSTestFact
Dim theTestSet
Dim theTSTest
Dim TestSetTestsList

Set tdc= TDConnection
Set TestSetFact = TestSetFactory
Set TSTestFact = TSTestFactory
Set theTestSet = TestSet
Set theTSTest = TSTest
Set TestSetTestsList = list

Set TestSetFact = tdc.TestSetFactory
Set theTestSet = TestSetFact.Item(Req_Fields("RQ\\_USER\\_06").Value)
Set TSTestFact = theTestSet.TSTestFactory
Set TestSetTestsList = TSTestFact.NewList("")

For Each theTSTest In TestSetTestsList
theTSTest.Field("CY\\_USER\\_02") = theTSTest.Req_Fields("RQ\\_USER\\_06").Value

On Error GoTo 0

End Sub

In the Test Lab Script

Sub CopyRBTImpact_MoveTo
On Error Resume Next
Call CopyRBTImpactScores
On Error GoTo 0
End Sub

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Asked on September 20, 2011 10:33 am
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User Defined Fields (UDFs) that are created in one module can only be seen and work within that SAME module. UDFs do not report across modules. Only System fields report across modules, which is what makes it a System field. You can create the same named UDF in other modules, but the data still won't cross modules, by design because it is a UDF and not a System field. This confusion is a very common experience. RBQM fields are System fields, so I recommend always using System RBQM fields to report on any Risk Based Quality Management issues.

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Answered on August 23, 2013 6:55 pm

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