Receive message to insert ALM CD_ROM when trying to install QC11.52 Patch 4 on our ALM App Server
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When trying to install Patch 4 on our ALM11.52 App Server, we receive a prompt to "Insert the HP ALM 11.52 disk"

Please note we don’t receive that prompt when we try to install Patch 4 on our other ALM11.52 App Server( #2)

Why are we getting that prompt? And how do we resolve that issue so we can proceed with installing Patch 4?

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Asked on February 20, 2015 9:52 pm
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Are you logging in to the App Server #1 as the SAME Windows user that was used to install ALM11.52 (probably the user indicated on the HP Application Lifecycle Management'' service)?

It is likely that this user was accessing a share or mapped a drive to the 11.52 install ''media''/folder over the network. This user also is probably the user allowed by SQL-Server to do Windows authentication access to your QC-DB's -- you probably are using ''Windows Authentication wtih SQL-Server''.

Lastly, on some Windows servers, specific folder-level rights are given to various users and just logging in as yourself (even in an administrators group) will not allow modifications or access to some files/folders.

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Answered on February 20, 2015 10:00 pm
Talked to our other server guy -- that is what they did on Server #2. We logged in as the Service account user from the ''HP Application Lifecycle Management'' service and it worked fine.
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