replaceing spaces with ”%20” in a parameter
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I am working on a script that has an address for an input. The address is setup as a parameter coming from a data file. Part of the request that is sent replaces all of the spaces in the address with %20. I’ve tried a few ways to do it but either it does not work or I get an memory access violation while looping through an array.

To give an example, if the address is : 101 W Main Street

The response would contain: 101%20W%20Main%20Street

… so I would need another address parameter with that format.

Parts of the script need the address as it appears in the parameter itself and other parts need the spaces removed. I will need to loop through several address when I run the script in a scenario.

I am using Vugen 9.52.

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Asked on September 14, 2010 3:18 pm
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Use the LoadRunner ''web_convert_param'' function.

It can convert from either HTML or PLAIN to PLAIN or URL.

You would be looking to do a conversion from PLAIN to URL:

web_convert_param(''dLRParam'', ''SourceEncoding=PLAIN'', ''TargetEncoding=URL'', LAST);


web_convert_param(''dLRNewParam'', lr_eval_string(''SourceText={dOldParam}''), ''SourceEncoding=PLAIN'', ''TargetEncoding=URL'',LAST);

The first does an ''in place'' conversion, that is, the input text comes from ''dLRParam'' and is put back there. The second format creates ''dLRNewParam'' from ''dOldParam'')

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Answered on September 15, 2010 6:48 pm

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