Running a UFT BPT Test Against Chrome
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Hello. I have a set of BPT components (Login – Search – Add stuff on this screen, add stuff on that screen, etc) that I created against IE and have run on IE 7, IE 9, and partly on IE 11 (having some object changes). I have UFT 12.02 and want to run these automated BPT tests against Chrome. Do you have some documentation to help me get going with UFT and Chrome? The UFT help and User Guide is not giving me what I need. I need to know how to setup the machine for UFT and Chrome to communicate. I have Chrome 40 now (because I checked the About page unfortunately) and enabled the UFT – Chrome extenstion. I have UFT 12.02. I would like tips on launching Chrome (I guess call the EXE or whatever that is — I do not know) and what objects I may need to change or will it majically find the browser. If you can provide some simple script that opens Chrome and maybe does a search on Goggle, that would really help get get started besides the setup for UFT – Extensions, etc. Thanks

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Asked on April 28, 2015 3:41 pm
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Luckily, HP has just released UFT 12.02 Patch 1 which supports Chrome 40. Once you install the patch, it should automatically add the Chrome browser extension. If by chance it does not, there's a great reference that steps you through the process in the UFT Add-ins Guide (check out the section,''How to Enable the HP Unified Functional Testing Agent Chrome Extension'').

Here's an example of how you can launch Chrome via script (rather than setting Record/Run Settings) using the SystemUtil method:

url = ''''
SystemUtil.Run ''chrome.exe'' , url ,,,3
Browser(''Google'').Page(''Google'').WebEdit(''q'').Set ''Silicon Valley''

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Answered on April 28, 2015 3:42 pm
Exactly what I as looking for!
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