Scheduling Tests in QC TestLab
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I’m trying to run a QTP test set on a schedule (every day at 3AM), but it's starting immediately despite having a time dependency. What might I be doing wrong??

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Asked on December 2, 2010 8:55 pm
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Here is how I get schedule test to run.

  1. Go to the Execution Flow tab and press the button ''add time dependence''.
  2. Once the time dependence is added to the grid you need to put an arrow from the time to the test you want run.
  3. Once you have an arrow from time to test then double click on the time and adjust it to the desired time of execution.
  4. Press the Run button to get the 'Automatic Runner' window.
  5. Press the Run or Run All button and the test status should turn to waiting.
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Answered on December 17, 2010 7:49 pm
Apparently QC can not be set for just a TIME (i.e. every day at 3AM), even though you can uncheck the date box and only have a time set. When you uncheck the date box and execute the test set, it starts immediately. You HAVE to set a future date, so you have to go in and change it every day. (This sucks BTW. QC Fail!)
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