Server Timeout error when importing a QCP

Server Timeout error when importing a QCP
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Trying to import a project into our new 12.01 Server. It times out while importing.
any ideas?
I do not see anything on the server logs.

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Asked on December 19, 2014 3:54 pm
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One comment on this is that this happens to me all the time when importing the ALM Demo project (for the same QC version).
Usually, after closing dialog/ error, and refreshing project tree, the project will show up anyway.

You may also see the error because you cannot use QCP (Project Export) files that came from any other version than the version you are running IMPORT from (in your case, 12.01).

Did you try to import a QCP from , say 11.52 into 12.01? You cannot do that.

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Answered on December 19, 2014 3:58 pm

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