Sprinter 11 Error ”More than one field label in your application matches a field name in your data set”

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  • Sprinter 11 Error ''More than one field label in your application matches a field name in your data set''
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Hi…We are beginning to explore Sprinter features, and started with the login to our website. I am trying to build a data injection file and it is successful on the entry of the password… sort of, but complains that the field label I used for the login id exists for more than one object. How can I tell sprinter which is the correct object. I noticed that a macro I created in Sprinter didn't have an issue with this, because it recognized the object names. I also tried to use the object names for the data injection but that failed on both fields. There has to be a way to tell Sprinter which of the 2 or 3 objects is the correct one to use?

We have tried disabling UAC (Win 7 box) and tried this on an XP box as well with no luck.

We even tried uninstalling/re-installing both Sprinter 11 and QC/ALM11 IE Client (and re-registered the ALM client) – still no luck.

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Asked on December 18, 2012 3:57 pm
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There are hidden tricks and a tool similar to QTP's ''Object Spy'' in Sprinter -- you can use this to sleuth out the issue and add more to the column name to distinguish your fields. Here are some tricks I found out when asking HP about the issue:

Try to generate the data logger TXT file, examine it and use the field name to help revise your data header name:

1. Perform the same operation again but this time holding the Ctrl key pressed while clicking the button. This will cause a log file named ''diLogger.txt'' to be created in %appdata% \ HP \ Sprinter \ Log \ DataInjection directory (by default ''C: \ Documents and Settings \ Application Data \ HP \ Sprinter \ Log \ DataInjection''). Please be aware that this is an undocumented and unsupported feature only available for troubleshooting purposes.
2. Analyze the file ''diLogger.txt''. Look for ''Labels to control matching'' section for the internal object names for the fields you are having problem with (for example on a page containing ''Credit Card First Name'' and ''Passenger First Name'' these might look like: cc_frst_name1 and passFirst01).
3. Edit the Excel file containing the data to inject and use the '':TOName:'' prefix with the object names found in the diLogger TXT file for the duplicate fields to get an exact match. In our example, replace the two column names ''First Name'' with '':TOName:cc_frst_name1'' and '':TOName:passFirst01''.

Alternatively, you can also use another hidden unsupported feature to obtain more information on the internal object names. Pressing the Shift+F11 keys while mousing over on the ''Run Control'' sidebar will open the Sprinter ''Screen Learner'' window providing information on the application objects. Then pressing the button, will add all the displayed objects to the screen learner window enabling the user to analyze them. In this case for example, you can fill the ''First name:'' fields with some content and then verify with the screen learner that this content is displayed for the value fields of cc_frst_name1 and passFirst01 objects.

REMEMBER, these are unsupported, but should help give insight into the object names to use for Data Injection with Sprinter 11.

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Answered on December 18, 2012 4:04 pm
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I have tried the solution,even too im getting the error as ''Could not map any field to your application.Make sure the column headers match with the labels in your application''.I have tried with the prefix which with the object name but cant get it done.Please help me out..

Thanks in Advance.

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Answered on July 1, 2014 10:21 am