Sprinter 12.52 not mirroring actions and power mode features on Chrome browser

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  • Sprinter 12.52 not mirroring actions and power mode features on Chrome browser
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We installed Sprinter 12.52 primarily for the advertised Chrome browser support. However when trying to mirror using Chrome, no actions are repeating for things like data injection, macros and elsewhere. What are missing? IE mirrors fine, as does Firefox, so nothing wrong with the secondary and tertiary machines.

To add the version of Chrome is 34, which is listed as a supported version for Sprinter 12.52.

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Asked on April 28, 2016 8:17 pm
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Let's check your extension for Chrome. You need to have a specific one present and enabled, along with a specific option checked for the extension.

Let's click on the ''Customize and Control Google Chrome'' icon drop down (the 3 horizontal lines to the far right). In the drop down select Settings. Or can just enter [chrome://extensions][1] for your URL.

The Settings page should load as a new tab. To the left side, under the word Chrome, should be listed some options such as History, Extensions and Settings (which will currently be the selected choice). Please click on the Extensions option.

This wil list the installed/available currently Extensions. Present should be one called HP Functional Testing Agent.

Ensure it is Enabled (check box) and ensure that the sub option ''Allow access to file URLs'' is checked as well. With both enabled, mirroring in Chrome should work.

If the extension is not present, or out of date (and lacking the sub option), could try removing the extension from Chrome. Then run a repair on Sprinter from Control Panel under the installed programs list. Worst case, uninstall and reinstall Sprinter to try and force the extension to update to match your current version of Sprinter.

[1]: http://chrome://extensions

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Answered on April 28, 2016 8:20 pm