Sprinter error when trying to record a video of a test run
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When attempting a Sprinter recording during a test, I get an error. It states the following: Cannot enable screen move recording for this run. The run will continue but you will be unable to attach a screen recording to the run to a Smart Defect – Unspecified Error.

We do have the feature enabled under project customization for Allow attaching movies to defects (with a 3 minute size). And the run settings under Sprinter have capture all set, with Automatic screen movie recording set. Not sure if I am missing some setting then. Is there some max size parameter for site config needed to be edited?

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Asked on July 29, 2015 3:28 pm
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Given the settings seem correct, I would go with idea of uninstalling and reinstalling. Sprinter if full rights are not present for the install can lead to a number of issues within the runs as well as for test creation saving.

I would suggest uninstall, and then disable UAC, reboot and then install Sprinter again with local admin rights to ensure a good install. Let me know if that does the trick, as I suspect it might.

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Answered on July 29, 2015 3:28 pm
Looks like UAC was the culprit. It was on and has been on. Disabled, rebooted and did install again (I am admin on machine) and screen recorder looks to be recording now without error.
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