Synchronizing with the DOM and UFT

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I heard somebody talking about using the document object model (DOM) to do synchronization with UFT. First, is this possible, and second, can you show me an example? I’m not very experienced with the DOM.

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Asked on January 19, 2015 3:41 pm
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Here's an example of using the Internet Explorer (IE) Document Object Model (DOM) readyStatemethod, it can be used in order to verify the DOM state of the
web page.
Note: The following custom function is provided just as an example.

Sub WaitForPageLoad(iHwnd)
Dim loopCount, myState
Do While myState <> ''complete'' and loopCount < 60 loopCount = loopCount + 1 wait(5) myState = Browser(''hwnd:=''&iHwnd).Page(''micclass:=Page'').Object.readyState Loop End Sub For more details, you might want to refer to KM764532 with HP.

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Answered on January 19, 2015 3:44 pm