Test cases in Test Plan not being updated from test lab run.
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When clicking on end run, users are getting a pop up stating do you want to update the test case in test plan. After clicking on yes, no error pop is generated. But the test case in test plan is not updated. This is only happening on tests that were imported to ALM from Excel and we are using ALM 12.20

Example if we run in test lab and try to update the "Expected Results" for the test during the run they do not get updated.

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Asked on October 14, 2016 6:31 pm
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This is a known issue in ALM 12.20, the issue has been fixed in ALM versions 12.50 and ALM 12.53. Ask your HPE support rep about QCCR1J83587

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Answered on October 14, 2016 6:33 pm
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In that QCCR (QCCR1J83587), it has a 12.20 work-around:

The issue can be resolved by having your DBA change value in the column ''DS_HAS_PARAMS'' of table ''DESSTEPS'' to NULL for the trouble/Excel-imported tests in your back-end database/schema related to your QC Project.

Apparently, when imported from Excel, this gets set to ''Y'' by default, causing the issue.

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Answered on August 11, 2017 5:46 pm

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