The user SYSTEM is taking up UFT licenses UFT 12.0x
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I have noticed that at times when I go to sign into UFT I can't get a license. When I then look at the license manager I find that it shows "SYSTEM" as having occupied a licenses on one or more of our servers.

The licenses manager (attached) you will see no actual users are taking up a license yet two licenses are being used by "SYSTEM" on two of our servers. I am unsure what is being run on UFT by "SYSTEM". I checked with our users and they were not running anything on those servers at the time. If I log on to the server and open task manager I can see an instance of UFT.exe being run by "SYSTEM" (see screen shot of Task Manager).

Sometimes when I see this issue I can just kill the UFT.exe being run by "SYSTEM" on the server and then restart the licenses manager and the license is freed up. Other times when I try to kill UFT.exe it just re-starts right away as being run by "SYSTEM" and if I restart the licensee manager it will just re-acquires a license. In that case I have reboot the server to fix the issue.

I have also tried running UFT as administrator on a server to see if that caused "SYSTEM" to be listed as the user and it did not. It still listed my ID as the client taking up the license in the licenses manager.

Are you able to tell us why "SYSTEM" would be acquiring and holding a license and how we can prevent this? This creates an issue where only one or two users can launch UFT because "SYSTEM" is tacking up the extra licenses.

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Asked on October 25, 2017 1:25 pm
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I believe this is something do to with permissions. [KM187086]( details HP's instructions for dealing with DCOM issues. This really is something your system/network administrators need to look into. Have they gone through this KM and the permissions document yet?

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Answered on October 25, 2017 1:25 pm

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