Tricky working with Chrome, IE, and Edge with UFT
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We have UFT (14.53) script that works perfectly on IE (V 11.2166.16299.0) browser. But now we have to test on chrome also in Edge browser too we installed Micro Focus UFT Agent (Version: extension in chrome browser (Version: 90.0.4430.72) but that does not help. I was expecting Micro Focus Unified Functional testing (UFT 14.53 – automation tool) will recognize objects in chrome browser after the installation. But unfortunately it does not when I spy (or record steps) on chrome browser it recognize as Window object instead of browser object. Please advise.

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Asked on April 29, 2021 1:00 pm
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Patch 5 will upgrade the Chrome versions UFT 14.53 will work with. It would probably be a good idea to install the patch first, and then re-install the Chrome agent which can be downloaded from:

Install steps and configuration instructions:


You can install the Chromium driver if you are testing Microsoft Chromium Edge. The steps to enable the extension and install the agent are available at the UFT One online user manual:

The Agent for Chromium can be manually downloaded from:

UFT One communicates with Microsoft Edge via the Microsoft WebDriver to test Web applications running in Edge browsers. However, you must ensure that the Microsoft WebDriver is present in the UFT One installation folder:


The download and copy steps below may require Administrator permissions.

Open the Microsoft WebDriver page. Follow Microsoft's instructions to download or install the correct version of the Microsoft WebDriver for your Microsoft Edge version.

Direct download links (Version: 90.0.818.42, which is the latest) -
x86 :
x64 :

Note: We recommend updating the WebDriver version after performing Windows 10 updates, as specific WebDriver versions are required for each Edge version.

Copy the downloaded or installed MicrosoftWebDriver.exe file to the <UFT One installation folder>bin directory.

Tip: If the installed WebDriver file's location is not immediately obvious, consult Microsoft's documentation. For example, the file may be located in your System folder, under C:WindowsSystemWOW64 or C:WindowsSystem32.

Start the Edge Agent for UFT from one of the following:

* The desktop shortcut

* Start -> All apps ->Micro Focus > Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing -> Edge Agent for UFT

In the Record and Run Settings dialog box, select Edge as the Browser type


UFT One cannot spy, record, or run tests on an Edge browser window opened before UFT One.
In UFT One 15.0, the agent is named Edge Agent for Functional Testing.

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Answered on April 29, 2021 1:01 pm

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