Trying to Uninstall Quality Center 10 but unable to complete uninstallation?
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We are attempting to upgrade our QC10 instance too ALM 12.53 but first we need to install and upgrade to ALM 11.52. We have uninstalled QC10 (or so we thought as we went through the entire procedure and even restarted the server after) but when we try and install ALM 11.52 we get an error that "a prior version is currently installed and needs to be uninstalled prior to installing the new version".

Any help would be appreciated as nothing shows installed on the system.

Any suggestions for a resolution?

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Asked on July 7, 2016 1:09 pm
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Hi Homerj,
QC 10 and prior versions had a different back end coding and sometimes this caused the patches to not eb uninstalled when the main application was uninstalled.

I would recommend that you uninstall any patches that may remain, reboot, and then if the issue still persists try the following steps:

Choose Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs, select, and click the Change/Remove button. Follow the instructions on your screen.Locate the ALM Platform home directory ([drive]:HPALM-Platform). In the _uninst subdirectory, double-click uninstall.exe.

If that doesn't resolve the issue then try the following:

If we want to install QC ALM you need to remove the previous version(s) ALM 11 / QC 10 / QC 9.x.
To verify that ALM Platform is not installed:
1 From the Start menu, choose Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs.
2 In the program list, check for HP Quality Center (QC 10 or 9.2) or HP Application Lifecycle Management Platform.
3 If either appears in the program list, click Remove, and follow the instructions on your screen.
4. Renamed the file, found under C:Windows & moved to other place.
5. Restart the Server.
6. Now, try the ALM 11 installation, it will be installed successfully.

See if this helps resolve the issue,

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Answered on July 7, 2016 1:11 pm
Thanks for the recommendations and yes a patch did exist, but the removal and restart did nothing to resolve the issue, however the renaming of the file and relocation worked. Thanks for the assistance.
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