UFT 11.53 and which version of Sprinter will work?
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We had Sprinter 11.52 and UFT 11.52 installed on a few of our user machines. All was well in using both tools on their own as well as opening from ALM directly.

We recently had an upgrade pushed down to the workstations for UFT 11.53. Also in the batch, but not forced, was an upgrade to Sprinter 12. Some folks opted for the Sprinter 12 upgrade and now we get mixed results.

Some folks can open Sprinter from Start menu and have success. Though trying to open via ALM gives errors, typically Sprinter cannot be found or some Unable to open message. I have played with this some and noticed if UFT 11.53 gets opened first (say upon a reboot), then Sprinter won't work from Start menu. But if Sprinter is first on a reboot, we can get it open (and can open some runs). Not tried to do any runs at this time, as I don't want it possible have issue during a run.

Before I start experimenting in a test project, I wanted to know if these items are just not compatible. I have seen remarks back for QTP 11 and Sprinter 11 and compatibility, but I was unsure about UFT 11.53 and Sprinter 12. As it can open at times, what does that mean exactly? Willing to go back to Sprinter 11.52, but wanted to double check that it will work with UFT 11.53.

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Asked on June 13, 2014 4:48 pm
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You have guessed right in that the two are not compatibly on the same client machine, as per HP's documentation.

HP would recommend you either upgrade to UFT 12 or downgrade your Sprinter back to 11.52 to resolve your issue.

UFT and Sprinter compatibility can be a rocky experience based on install. I have dealt with some issues with removing one and re-installing and just not having things work out.

Possible just uninstalling Sprinter 12 and then installing Sprinter 11.52 might be fine for you ''as is'' but it can be a gamble.

HP's recommendation is to go with a clean slate (possibly even a clean uninstall of each per manual steps if needed) of having uninstalled UFT and Sprinter versions on a given client.

Reboot, then install your preferred version of UFT . After validating UFT is working properly, next install your matching version of Sprinter. Validate Sprinter after to make sure it can open and run successfully.

In your case, UFT 11.53 then Sprinter 11.52 is installed.

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Answered on June 13, 2014 4:52 pm

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