UFT 12.01 with Citrix XenApp

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We are using Citrix XenApp as a solution for testing multiple versions of IE, but UFT does not recognize the virtual browsers as interactable objects.

I understand that the recommended usage for Citrix is to install UFT on the remote server, but this is not how the XenApp version functions. Basically, a Citrix Receiver is installed on your client machine, and Citrix provides IE versions as "apps" that you can launch from the Citrix server. These apps launch virtual browsers locally on your client machine that function exactly like an instance of installed IE would (you can right-click and view source objects, etc.)

UFT simply recognizes these virtual browsers as "Windows" rather than browsers. I’m not sure if there is way to interact with these browsers, or if UFT may hook into them in future versions.


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Asked on October 23, 2014 2:28 pm
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First I would check the UFT 12.01 Product Availability Matrix (PAM) to see if the version of Citrix XenApp is supported.

Second I would check to see if the BHOManager Add on in IE is enabled. BHO manager allows QTP to interact with IE window and perform operations inside it. To check the status of the same, open a new IE window and go to Tools->Manage Add-ons...In case the BHOManager Class Add-on is disabled, enabled it and close all open IE windows.

Third, I would make sure Application Under Test (AUT) and UFT are running on the same platform level.

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Answered on October 23, 2014 6:48 pm