UFT, ALM, BPT – License questions?
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I’m trying to figure out the different scenarios where UFT/ALM/BPT integration takes up a license. Could you provide a high-level list?

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Asked on October 30, 2017 5:30 pm
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1) A BPT license is an extension of a QC/ALM license, and both are consumed when a user has access to BPT.

2) There are two ways to acquire a BPT license: Purchase one, or get one as part of purchasing UFT Enterprise.

3) The customer must make sure they have at least as many ALM/QC licenses as BPT licenses. It's OK to have more ALM/QC licenses.

4) When a user logs into ALM/QC, they will by default consume an ALM/QC license and also a BPT license. They can create BPT components and BPT tests, and run BPT tests.

There are mechanisms by which the ALM/QC admin can restrict which ALM/QC users consume the BPT licenses on login. Such users would be unable to access the Components module, and unable to create or run BPT tests (manual or automated).

5) When a user logs into ALM/QC, and utilizes the Test Plan to assemble a BPT test or the Test Lab to run a BPT test, a BPT license is consumed.

6) When a user is UFT and connects to ALM/QC to modify a component or to run a BPT test, a BPT license is consumed.

7) When a tester connects to ALM via UFT, they do not consume an ALM/QC nor a BPT license. When they open a BPT test stored in ALM, a BPT license is consumed (but not an ALM/QC license). When they open a BPT component, the do NOT consume a BPT license.

8) An ALM/QC user can go to the Test Lab and schedule or kick off BPT tests, so long as that user has consumed a BPT license on login. In this scenario, UFT does not cause any additional BPT licenses to be consumed.

*Additional Note: when you open a BPT Test from UFT (consuming a BPT license in ALM, but not an ALM license), that BPT license does not get released until you close UFT (i.e., if you open a BPT Test in UFT, then open a non-BPT Test, the BPT license is still consumed in ALM until UFT is closed).

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Answered on October 30, 2017 5:43 pm
Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!!
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