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I’m fairly inexperienced with databases. If I want to use the database activities in a UFT API test, is there anything special I need to know about specifying a connection? The database is an IBM Netezza database. I’m not sure what to ask the developers for. Should I ask them for a JDBC connection string?

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Asked on September 27, 2017 10:03 am
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I have not worked with IBM Netezza or JDBC connection with UFT API and it is not listed in UFT documentation. Recommend looking at the following Microfocus online help.

- [Add data sources to an API test][1]
- [Database Data Source Properties Tab - (Properties Pane - API Testing)][2]
- [Set Database Connection Page][3]

[1]: https://uft-help.saas.hpe.com/en/14.01/UFT_Help/Content/User_Guide/task_define_data.htm#wp1000290
[2]: https://uft-help.saas.hpe.com/en/14.01/UFT_Help/Content/User_Guide/API_Prop_Pane_Tabs_DatabaseDataProps_Tab.htm
[3]: https://uft-help.saas.hpe.com/en/14.01/UFT_Help/Content/User_Guide/ref_wiz_add_db_query_connection.htm

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Answered on September 27, 2017 11:43 am

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