UFT crashes frequently and doesn’t hold ALM connection

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I’m having a ton of trouble with UFT. It seems to crash frequently, especially when working with either ADODB or ARRAYLIST. There are also times when it will not recognize that a function library from ALM is associated with it, and sometimes it just drops the ALM connection altogether.

This is happening on at least three machines (all local, not RDP), two of which are Windows 7 32-bit and the third is Windows 7 64-bit with 16GB.

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Asked on July 8, 2016 9:08 pm
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I have seen the before. The machine has old version of the ''Process Debug Manager'' library (pdm.dll) and should be upgraded per the recommendation of HP document KM00710941. Recommend upgrading with the procedure outlined in HP document KM831813 in the section ''Troubleshooting Microsoft Script Debugger''.

[Document ID: KM00710941
Title: Updating pdm.dll of Microsoft Script Debugger in order to debug scripts in UFT.][1]

[Document ID: KM831813
Title: What is Microsoft Script Debugger used for?][2]

[1]: https://softwaresupport.hpe.com/group/softwaresupport/search-result/-/facetsearch/document/KM00710941
[2]: https://softwaresupport.hpe.com/group/softwaresupport/search-result/-/facetsearch/document/KM831813

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Answered on July 8, 2016 9:10 pm