UFT unable to open API tests stored in ALM
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On v14.00 we are unable to open tests that were created with an older version. Example: 12.52 build 5282. Errors presented upon loading the test from ALM. Version 12.55.358 (Patch 1). Are the scripts not backward compatible? Note: We are using Windows 10 1703 build (Creators Update).


> One or more tests in the solution were
> not loaded correctly. For details,
> see the Errors pane.

Errors Pane:

> Event ExecuteEvent is null or empty.

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Asked on April 27, 2018 9:26 pm
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I have seen another user who had the same problem. You will still need to get on a supported environment first (i.e., install UFT 14.03 if you are using Windows 10 v1703/Creators Update). Then, follow the instructions using the referenced KB article (and link below):

a) Install UFT 14.03.

b) Reference KM01785181 to rollback each affected API test's test.db:

1. To avoid issues, close ST/UFT. Note: This to ensure having closed the test's solution references/pointers (File > Close Solution)
2. Go to affected API test's main/root directory
3. Locate ''test.db'' file
4. Rename to ''test.db.bak''
5. Navigate within same API test's directories, to ''DatabaseBackup'' sub folder
6. Copy the ''test.db'' file within
7. Paste on root folder of API test's directory
8. Reopen test

c) Also reference: https://community.softwaregrp.com/t5/UFT-Practitioners-Forum/API-script-created-in-12-51-will-not-open-in-12-53-or-12-54/td-p/568926

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Answered on April 27, 2018 9:27 pm
After upgrading, we are able to open the tests. We will keep the rollback steps available just in case.
( at April 27, 2018 9:28 pm)

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