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When running UFT scripted BPT Test w/ Dynamic test Data Resource from ALM Test Lab on a remote UFT host, the following error is displayed as the Status in Automatic Runner: The system cannot find the file specified. When running the same test on local host, the test passes. When running a UFT test on remote host the test passes.

Usually when the Automatic Runner is launches, the data type test resource file is downloaded to the tmp_resources folder on the host for test execution. This is not happening on the remote UFT host which may be causing the test to fail.

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Asked on April 29, 2016 3:58 pm
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Try to refresh the QC/ALM client components and connectivity on the host machine and see if it helps:

a) Make sure you are a full administrator on the machine for the below steps.

b) Download, unzip, and run the QC/ALM Client Uninstall Utility and run a FULL CLEANUP on the client machine. This will clean your QC/ALM client components.

(contact your support representative for the utility download)

c) Navigate to the QC/ALM URL to load the QC/ALM client components fresh from the server (or if your company uses the MSI Client Installer, you may use that instead).

d) Log into QC/ALM > Help > ALM Tools

e) From the ALM Tools page, select ''HP ALM Connectivity'' and download/run on the client machine. You should receive an ''Installation Successful'' message (if it appears, click the ''This program installed correctly'' option in the Windows dialog box).

f) From the ALM Tools page, select ''HP ALM Client Registration'' and ''Register HP ALM.''

g) Open UFT and go to Tools > Options > GUI Testing > Test Runs > Make sure ''Allow other HP products to run tests and components'' is selected. Click OK.

h) In UFT, go to ALM > ALM Connection and connect to your QC/ALM server.

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Answered on April 29, 2016 3:58 pm
This solved the issue. Thanks!
( at April 29, 2016 3:59 pm)