Unable to configure UFT 12.01 with Quality Center 12.20.18 (Patch 1)
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i have just upgraded UFT 12.01 from 11.53. When I tried to configure UFT 12.01 and Quality Center 12.02.18 (Patch 1), it’s taking a longer time to connect and getting the below error. Please let me know if UFT 12.01 is compatible with QC 12.20.18 (Patch 1)

Error details:
SharpDevelop Version :
.NET Version : 4.0.30319.18449
OS Version : Microsoft Windows NT 6.2.9200.0
Current culture : English (United States) (en-US)
Running under WOW6432, processor architecture: x86-64
Terminal Server Session
Working Set Memory : 226040kb
GC Heap Memory : 20496kb

An unexpected error occurred.

Click 'OK' to close this message. You may be able to continue working,
but note that this workflow may cause the error to occur again.
Click 'Details' to display technical details on this error which may help
you solve the problem, or can be used when contacting customer support.

—- Post-error application state information:
Installed 3rd party AddIns: [HP UFT File Dialog for UFT Only}], [HP QTP ActiveScreen Pane], [HP QTP DataTable Addin], [HP QTP UTT Based Debugger], [HP QTP FileDialog Addin], [HP QTP Property Tabs], [HP ST Shell Services], [HP SV ALM Integrations], [HP UFT Data Explorer], [UTT Configuration UI], [Debug Pad Wrapper Extension addin for UTT], [UTT Debug Basic implementation addin for UTT], [UTT File Dialog], [HP UFT File System Dialog Addin], [HP UFT ALM File Dialog Addin], [UTT Connection Addin], [HPUttIdeCommands], [UttBookmarkPad], [UttErrorListPad], [UttOutputPad], [UttTaskListPad]
Workbench.ActiveContent: HP.UFT.StartPage.StartPageViewContent

—- Recent SharpDevelop log messages:

—- Recent Utt log messages:

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Asked on July 30, 2015 1:47 pm
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UFT 12.01 is NOT compatible with ALM/QC 12.2x.

Instead, you will need to install UFT 12.02 on your client machine.

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Answered on July 30, 2015 1:48 pm
Ok nevermind, sorry to bother you.
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