Unable to record ClickOneApplication through VUGen 11.
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We are trying to record our ClickOneApplication via VUGen. We have tried using Microsoft.Net, WinSocket protocols but the application is not invoking on recording. We tried to directly give the path of exe from the deployment folder, but it still does not invoke. Is there any other alternative to invoke the application.

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Asked on May 22, 2014 11:36 am
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* Run the protocol advisor on the application, record a script with the recommend protocol(s), and uploaded the results to this case.
How to use the Protocol Advisor
This task describes a typical workflow for finding the optimal protocol to record your application using the Protocol Advisor.

1. Start the Protocol Advisor :
From the start page, select File > Protocol Advisor > Analyze Application and fill in the dialog box.

2. Perform typical business processes

Perform typical business processes in your application. Try to walk through a variety of business processes to make sure that your results are comprehensive. Click Stop Analyzing to end the analysis and display the results.

3. Save the results

Select File > Protocol Advisor > Save Results. Enter a name and select the directory.

4. Select a protocol and create a new Vuser script
Select one of the protocols using the following order of priority and create a Vuser script using that protocol:

Multi/Combination protocol
The highest level application protocol )
The first protocol on the list

5. Enhance, debug, and verify replay
Enhance and debug your script until you can replay it successfully. If, after enhancing and debugging the Vuser script, you cannot replay it successfully, proceed to the next step.

6. If unsuccessful replay, select a different protocol and repeat

For all non Web-based protocols: Return to the Protocol Advisor Results page and select the next protocol on the list and repeat previous steps.

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Answered on July 14, 2014 3:23 pm

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