We are seeing strange QC_XXXX user schemas in our Oracle DB??

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  • We are seeing strange QC_XXXX user schemas in our Oracle DB??
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We are upgrading/ migrating to a newer version and building entire new hardware systems (application and db servers) to host the new versions. We are migrating everything and upgrading it to the newer version. We are seeing lots of strange QC_XXXX user schemas on the current DB and unsure how these came about ir if we need to move them along with the other user schemas to the new DB instance? We are migrating from QC 10 to ALM 12.01 if that helps or matters?

Any help and clarification is greatly appreciated.

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Asked on September 28, 2015 2:19 pm
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Hi HomerJ,
What you re experiencing is a known issue with QC 10 and Oracle DBs specifically. The user schemas you are seeing are (or at least should be) associated with no projects (if they are then this may not apply to you for those schemas), but thy were created during upgrade/ migration attempts and during certain activities such as project creation. They are temporary schemas created during the action in process and should normally be cleaned up and removed/ deleted during the routine housekeeping actions run by the system automatically on the predefined system schedule in the background. For some reason on QC10 (and QC10 only) running Oracle DBs the routines were not completed fully and the user schemas purged from the system, and they remained after the housekeeping completed.

It is fine to just delete these user schemas from the DB, or in your case they will not need to be migrated along with the other schemas (however as is always recommended, you should create a ful back up of everything, including these schemas, prior to such actions in the odd event that they should be needed and can then be recovered. Generally they are not needed and just extras left over that can be deleted without recourse).

Hope this helps,

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Answered on September 28, 2015 2:28 pm
Thanks for the clarification. Yes we have looked and they are not currently associated with anything on the DB. We will proceed to make sure we have a current back up and then continue on with he migration as normal. Thanks.
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