Windows Runtime (WinRt) Add-in Warning for Windows restricted users after upgrading to UFT 15.0
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For all machines upgraded from UFT 14.03 to UFT 14.53 or 15.0, all existing scripts give the error for Windows restricted users:

“The following add-in(s) were associated with your test, but are not currently loaded: Windows Runtime”

  • The error DOES NOT OCCUR when logged in as a Windows Administrator.
  • This used to work with Standard Windows users previously with UFT 14.03.
  • The application under test is a .NET Desktop app using WPF and WCF.
  • Scripts are from UFT 11.53 and 14.03.
  • Add-ins: .NET, ActiveX, UI Automation, Visual Basic, Web, WPF
  • All AUTs are written in .NET, using WPF and WC.
  • We use Citrix Provisioning Services to deploy Citrix XenApp servers where multiple virtual machines streams the OS from a single image; UFT is installed into the image and 2 different virtual machines streams the image during boot; once booted they work independently just like any other virtual machines; Citrix version is 7.15 LTSR for both XenApp and Provisioning Services; Windows 2012 R2 OS

Troubleshooting attempted/failed:

  • Upgrade to UFT 15
  • Save & run tests locally (originally stored in ALM)
  • Reproducible with sample application & script
  • Open test with Windows administrator user, save, re-open with Windows standard/restricted permissions user
  • Run UFT as administrator, open test, go to test settings & disable then re-enable associated add-ins, save, try again with standard/restricted permissions user
  • Uncheck the warning message option “Always show this warning” during the warning message, then close UFT and open it again using a standard account


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Asked on March 19, 2020 1:08 pm
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When Micro Focus moved from UFT 14.03 to 14.5x, they removed the UFT4WinRT service due to it causing instability issues with Windows 10/Server 2016/2019.  It almost sounds like your instance is still looking for this even though it shouldn't.

Try this:  if the affected machine has the following registry key, delete it:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Mercury Interactive/QuickTest Professional/MicTest/AddIn Manager/WinRt

Based on your description of your environment, it sounds like your Citrix deployment might be using shared profiles that's holding on to 14.03's registry information.  That is, make sure you are cleanly upgrading to 14.5x/15.x with no 14.03 file or registry remnants remaining.

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Answered on March 20, 2020 9:22 am
Thank you! When I deleted that registry key, sure enough, it worked!
( at March 20, 2020 9:25 am)

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