12.53 Chromium version 55 support on web traffic site
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We are unable to create Ajax Truclient script from the Controller machines that have VuGen 12.53 because it uses Chromium browser version 46 and our Web application doesn't open up in that version of Chromium. VuGen version 12.55 uses Chromium version 55 where the application opens up successful. I have created script in this version but this will not run in Controller machines or PC due to version mismatch. Issue is blocking us from being able to capture and replay the Truclient chrome web version.
Any input would be great.

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Asked on January 20, 2018 4:01 pm
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The Chromium browser version 46 in TruClient 12.53 is a custom coded browser version developed by Micro Focus to work with the 12.53 version of VuGen. This is also true with the custom Firefox browser used for TruClient.

If these customized browsers (Chromium and Firefox) are upgraded for the 12.53 version, it will break the TruClient- web protocol when using that browser.

The TruClient 12.55 scripts, will not run in 12.53 Controller.

Unfortunately, your only option to resolve your issue will be to upgrade your entire 12.53 LoadRunner to version 12.55. If you need your ALM-PC environment to run these TruClient scripts, you will also need to upgrade your entire ALM-PC environment to 12.55.

Micro Focus has stated that the only time that the custom coded browsers (Chromium and Firefox) will be upgraded, will be done on the next release of the product. Micro Focus will not create a patch to upgrade the Chromium version for 12.53.

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Answered on January 22, 2018 3:16 pm

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