Service Pack 4 keeps erroring out on install with 2502 0r 2503 errors
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After setting up Load Generators and Controllers, with the 12.53 software, one normally patches to get to SP4 level. I am noting more often that not the patch for SP4 takes a long time to install as it errors out with 2502 or 2503 errors. I am installing the software from a network location. The filename is PCHost1253P4. It is installed under the same location as the original base software, again which works fine. Both installs are using the service account with UAC turned off. The packages for this install of the 12.53 base software does not do this, this is a simply install once prerequisites are met. Any input would be great.

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Asked on January 20, 2018 4:06 pm
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Due to the fact that the file path is too long and trying to install the software across the network is causing these issues. To resolve these issues, I recommend the following:

* Down load the zip file to the local machine (Do not install across the network)
* Unzip the zip file to a location; such as, c:PCHost1253P4
* Then run the setup.exe to install

Note that Micro Focus states in the User Guide that you should not install the software across the network.

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Answered on January 20, 2018 4:07 pm

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