Add R&D Comment to a defect in Quality Center with date and timestamp.

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  • Add R&D Comment to a defect in Quality Center with date and timestamp.
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Is there a way to Add an R&D comment to a defect with a date and timestamp, not just the date?

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Asked on February 24, 2010 4:52 pm
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When adding an R&D comment to a defect, it would be beneficial to have the system also add a timestamp to the comments added. There is a documented HP KB article that provides a script that will add a timestamp, but it does not retain the original function (bolded blue text, line seperating each comment, etc.) This one does. Code provided with no warranties...

Function ActionCanExecute(ActionName)
On Error Resume Next
ActionCanExecute = DefaultRes

If ActionName=''AddDevComment'' or ActionName=''BugAddDevCommentsAction1'' then

    dim DescriptionBefore
    dim ServerTime
    dim UserStr

DescriptionBefore = Bug_Fields(''BG_DEV_COMMENTS'').Value

if Len(DescriptionBefore) = 0 then
        DescriptionBefore = ''<html><body>''
        DescriptionBefore = DescriptionBefore + ''<br><strong><font color=#000084>________________________________________<br></font></strong>''
end if

UserStr = User.FullName + '' &lt;'' + User.UserName + ''&gt; ''
ServerTime = CStr(TDConnection.ServerTime)

'Start R&D comments

    DescriptionBefore = DescriptionBefore + ''<strong><font color=#000084>''
    DescriptionBefore = DescriptionBefore + UserStr + '', ''
    DescriptionBefore = DescriptionBefore + ''''+ServerTime+''''
    DescriptionBefore = DescriptionBefore + ''</font></strong>'' + '': <font color=#000000>'' + ''<br>''

'End R&D Comments

    DescriptionBefore = DescriptionBefore + ''</font></body></html>''
    Bug_Fields(''BG_DEV_COMMENTS'').Value = DescriptionBefore

    ActionCanExecute = False

End If

On Error GoTo 0
End Function

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Answered on February 24, 2010 6:23 pm
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You can retain the formatting of existing Comments. Since the comments are embeded inside html Code, we need to retain the HTML code. Add the following Command after opening the QC connection:
''Connection_Name''.IgnoreHtmlFormat = False

Here connection_Name is the name of QC Connection Object. This statement will enforce the Connection to retain all HTML formatting...

Hopefully I will help....

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Answered on May 28, 2010 2:13 am
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This code is really helpful. but there is another question on it. after adding this code, comment gets added with username and timestamp but cursor goes to top of the textarea.
how can i set the cursor at the end of the comment area?

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Answered on September 17, 2013 11:43 am