After installing ALM 12.50 patch 01 client on windows 10, all text is jumbled

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  • After installing ALM 12.50 patch 01 client on windows 10, all text is jumbled
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As title says, did new client install with Windows 10.

ALM 12.50 patch 01, supposed to support Windows 10. 32 Bit IE and admin rights if that matters.

See attached image, the text is terrible.

![alt text][1]

[1]: /storage/temp/446-alm-jumbled-text.png

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Asked on May 12, 2016 7:53 pm
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Seen this recently with a user. We haven't quite figured out what combination of items was the contributing factor yet, but here is what resolved.

Open Settings and click the Display option under Win10. On Display page is ''display scaling''. If on, turn this off. For my user, it was on. As soon as disabled, ALM then appeared fine. Also the user was able to turn display scaling on later as well and still have positive ALM results. He mentioned he had to adjust the resolution a bit when he amped up the scaling setting.

Point being try turning this off (defaulting then back to regular 100%) and see if that makes the difference for you. If you need the scaling for any reason, can try turn engage it again to a custom level and see what happens. As with my user, you might have to adjust resolution. He did wind up just leaving off the scaling as ALM was the necessity vs. any other applications.

And not sure if it matters, but tablet mode if on could be a factor. It did not seem to affect my setup, but your mileage could vary.

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Answered on May 12, 2016 8:01 pm
Turning off the scaling fixed! Interesting. I will likely just leave off for now and not mess with any other settings.
( at May 12, 2016 8:05 pm)
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To add to this, the issue described has been intermittently appearing over the years in various versions and builds and is generally associated with scaling in excess of 100%. For some reason ALM client has issues from time to time with scaling in excess of 100% and the described resolution is always the fix in those cases. This has been seen back as far as QC 10 from what I have dealt with (and could have been seen prior to that but that is as long as I personally remember it going back).


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Answered on May 17, 2016 1:47 pm